AutoMerge Now on AppSource

AutoMerge, intelligent duplicate detection and merge solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 is now live on AppSource!

Let’s step through how to start a free trial of AutoMerge. You have to be an admin of your CRM organization to do this.

Click on the link to go to the AutoMerge on AppSource page.

From here click on “Free Trial” which will bring you to the staging page.

This will bring up a dialog to agree to Microsoft’s terms and conditions and to enter your CRM credentials.

After your credentials are entered you will be taken to a page for you to enter which organization you would like to have AutoMerge installed on. One thing to note is if you do not have the necessary permissions to install a solution on Dynamics CRM/365 you will only be able to send an email to the administrator of your CRM org with a request for them to install the solution for you.

Once your credentials are entered AppSource will direct you to your Dynamics CRM/365 portal and will begin installing the solution.

After the solution is installed navigate to either Leads, Accounts, or Contacts and click on the system view “AM Contact Dupes (^).” This will show the populated sample duplicates that you can test out the functionality of AutoMerge with.

From here you can test out all the functionality.

For additional information on how AutoMerge works check out the features page of our website which includes a short demo video and an overview of all the functionality. Also, feel free to request a free data quality report to see how many duplicate Leads, Accounts, and Contacts are in your CRM. Email us at

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