Opportunity Costs of Duplicate Dynamics CRM Data

Quality customer data is at the heart of every successful business process and maintaining the integrity of those leads, accounts and contacts has proven for many companies to be one of their most elusive goals. Most organizations understand the value of quality customer data, but they either don’t know how to clean it up and/or…read more

Data: The heart of CRM migrations

CRM migrations take many different forms and whether it be migrating legacy data into a new CRM platform, configuring new integrations, or developing new customizations, data integrity and more specifically duplicate records can become a challenge to get a handle on. Depending on what all is going to go into the migration, the ways in…read more

How it Works

The process of cleaning duplicates using the out of box merge wizard in Dynamics CRM works for some organizations but for others it can be extremely tedious and limited in its effectiveness. This post describes the functionality we have developed in AutoMerge which works with CRM versions 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016 online and on…read more

A better way to clean up duplicate records in Dynamics CRM

If you don’t have anything nice to say about something… goes the saying. What’s your impression of the built-in merge dialog in Dynamics CRM?  If you have merged more than a few duplicates, chances are you have nothing nice to say about it. Generally users describe the out-of-the-box merge process as: “clunky”,  “tedious” and “error-prone”….read more

Hidden Costs of Dirty Data

Everybody knows that having duplicate data or inaccurate data is an annoyance and can drive end users crazy depending on the number of duplicates in a particular system. However having duplicate records in a system is far more critical than just being an annoyance and for CRM this is especially critical. To many organizations place…read more

Dirty Data and Integrations

Clean Data is one the first steps on the road to successful software integration. We all know how inaccurate data can lead to missed follow-up calls with prospects, multiple sales people calling the same person, and other miscues that can seriously impact sales performance and customer satisfaction. Integration of systems filled with dirty data and…read more

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