Case Study: Pivot Interiors

Pivot Interiors is an interior design company headquartered in Northern California that specializes in building strategic workplaces that are specifically designed to support an organization to elevate the work experience. They are known for creating quality solutions for companies all of sizes from start-ups to fortune 500 companies. With showrooms in many cities across the state of California including Santa Clara, San Francisco, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, and La Mirada, they needed a centralized system to manage projects and measure customer success which is why they implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

After Pivot Interiors’ initial decision to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage projects, they made the decision to convert their usage of CRM to manage their sales pipeline. During this process, they realized that their integration with Marketo was causing many sets of duplicate contact records to be created in Dynamics CRM. This was causing confusion for end users who were in the process of being trained on how to use CRM for pipeline management and more importantly the number of duplicates in the system was negatively affecting current and upcoming marketing campaigns.
While going through the decision-making process as to what the best course of action would be to tackle the duplicates in their Dynamics CRM organization and after consulting with their Microsoft Consultant, they inquired to Genbil Software to see if AutoMerge would be able to identify duplicate contact records based on their specific business rules and if the solutions’ bulk merging functionality would save them time during the deduplication process.
“We wanted to make sure that we found a partner that we could trust to manage the deduplication process. We were very impressed that Genbil did not try to upsell us on anything and we appreciated the fact that they made the processes and explanations simple for non-technical users of CRM.” -Carla Dougher, Senior Marketing Director.

Genbil first analyzed Pivot Interiors’ Dynamics CRM contact records and provided them with a free data quality report to show how many duplicates were in their system and how they were found. This allowed Pivot Interiors to fully understand the depth of the problem along with giving them the opportunity to validate the number of duplicates in their Dynamics CRM organization and start the process of coming up with the correct logic to analyze duplicate contact records and merge them correctly so all the key pieces of data were brought over from the loser records to the winning one.
“Analyzing our data set to come up with how we needed to identify match detection and merge winner logic was a new endeavor and we really appreciated the help that Genbil provided. They made it easy to come up with different business scenarios and make sure that only accurate duplicates based on our business rules were being identified and merged.”
With the goal of cleaning up the backlog of duplicates created from the integration with Marketo, Pivot Interiors opted for a one-time deduplication of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Since AutoMerge allows the option of manually cleaning up the duplicates in bulk using AutoMerge’s buttons or having them be merged automatically on a schedule, they opted to have Genbil clean up the duplicates in bulk by running a bulk merge job on a schedule of Pivot’s choosing. This automated background process allowed for them to have a completely deduplicated system in just a few hours.

Having a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system that was deduplicated created much more streamlined processes for end users and allowed for the transition from using CRM as a project management platform to a pipeline management platform easier.
“The amount of contacts in our Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment went down significantly which led to an incremental improvement in our database and highlighted other data issues that we did not know existed. After the deduplication process had completed there was less headache and confusion for our end users.”

Final Thoughts
“We really embraced our partnership with Genbil and we were very happy with the results that AutoMerge delivered. Not only was their price point very reasonable but more importantly we appreciated their hard work and responsiveness during every aspect of the project.” -Carla Dougher, Senior Marketing Director.

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