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Identify and merge Dynamics CRM duplicates quickly

Identify and merge Dynamics CRM duplicates quickly. Deactivate duplicate leads, accounts and contacts with less than 10 minutes of effort using AutoMerge. Let’s learn how to use AutoMerge to identify duplicates in your Dynamics 365 system and once you’ve validated the results, automatically merge all duplicates above a certain match precision threshold. AutoMerge consists of…read more

Case Study: Leadership Strategies

Leadership Strategies was founded in 1992 to help deliver facilitation expertise to individuals and organizations alike. Their courses have over 20,000 graduates and they are they are the leaders in management training, presentation delivery, collaboration, problem solving in a professional environment, and much more. Problem: Leadership Strategies implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for sales pipeline…read more

Case Study: Pivot Interiors

Pivot Interiors is an interior design company headquartered in Northern California that specializes in building strategic workplaces that are specifically designed to support an organization to elevate the work experience. They are known for creating quality solutions for companies all of sizes from start-ups to fortune 500 companies. With showrooms in many cities across the…read more

AutoMerge Now on AppSource

AutoMerge, intelligent duplicate detection and merge solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 is now live on AppSource! Let’s step through how to start a free trial of AutoMerge. You have to be an admin of your CRM organization to do this. Click on the link to go to the AutoMerge on AppSource page. From here click…read more

How Poor Dynamics CRM Data Quality Impacts Business Relationships

We all know that data is one of the most important components of any organization and the role that it plays in the success of a company is critical. There has been much written over the years in regards to the monetary impact of poor CRM data quality on business processes but there is much…read more

Dealing with Lead-Contact Duplicates in Dynamics CRM

One of the big challenges when it comes to data management in Dynamics CRM is dealing with duplicate records across multiple entities. For marketing, sales, and any other types of business processes that are leveraging the Contact and Lead entities, filtering out duplicates can be challenging especially since identifying them can leave lots of caveats…read more

Introducing AutoMerge Express

For our first release of 2017, Genbil is adding another piece of functionality to AutoMerge which is called AutoMerge Express. This exciting new piece of functionality works as a short cut to the out of the box merge wizard within Dynamics CRM to merge a duplicate record set of 2 records quickly and easily. When…read more

Duplicate Dynamics CRM Data & User Adoption

When undertaking any Dynamics CRM deployment, user adoption is key to its success and is a key component in making sure that a CRM implementation is successful. While there are many different methods and opinions on what are the keys to user adoption are, some points of emphasis include developing the CRM roadmap, communicating the…read more

Dynamics CRM Duplicates & 360-degree view of Customer

As we all know, an organization’s relationships with their customers is paramount to their brand and success. From an enterprise standpoint, many organizations like to apply a 360-degree view of their customer and for them to do so effectively must trust their data to give them accurate representations of those relationships. If that data somehow…read more

How it Works

The process of cleaning duplicates using the out of box merge wizard in Dynamics CRM works for some organizations but for others it can be extremely tedious and limited in its effectiveness. This post describes the functionality we have developed in AutoMerge which works with CRM versions 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016 online and on…read more

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