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Introducing AutoMerge Express

For our first release of 2017, Genbil is adding another piece of functionality to AutoMerge which is called AutoMerge Express. This exciting new piece of functionality works as a short cut to the out of the box merge wizard within Dynamics CRM to merge a duplicate record set of 2 records quickly and easily. When…read more

Opportunity Costs of Duplicate Dynamics CRM Data

Quality customer data is at the heart of every successful business process and maintaining the integrity of those leads, accounts and contacts has proven for many companies to be one of their most elusive goals. Most organizations understand the value of quality customer data, but they either don’t know how to clean it up and/or…read more

A better way to clean up duplicate records in Dynamics CRM

If you don’t have anything nice to say about something… goes the saying. What’s your impression of the built-in merge dialog in Dynamics CRM?  If you have merged more than a few duplicates, chances are you have nothing nice to say about it. Generally users describe the out-of-the-box merge process as: “clunky”,  “tedious” and “error-prone”….read more

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