Smart Duplication Detection & Merge


Remove Duplicate Data based on your business rules.

Easy Setup

After the Data Quality Report is complete, just tell us when you want the merging to take place and we will set it up and let it run.



  • Detect Duplicate Leads/Accounts/Contacts using our intelligent matching logic
  • Augment our matching logic with your specific business rules
  • Create several sets of match criteria that can even extend to related records
  • Fuzzy matching eliminates typical data-entry errors
  • Finds email and phone matches across multiple fields.
  • Designate merge-winners using your business rules that can extend to related records



  • We automatically tag the Lead/Account/Contact duplicates for your review
  • You validate tagged duplicates within CRM before merging occurs
  • Use our Match Precision field to know how similar the records of the dupe set are



  • Our AutoMerge tool replaces the tedious built-in Merge Wizard
  • AutoMerge performs the merge for you preserving data field by field
  • AutoMerge yourself using our command bar button within CRM list view
  • Set AutoMerge to automatic and we’ll merge the records for you outside your business hours.


Demo Video

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