How Poor Dynamics CRM Data Quality Impacts Business Relationships

We all know that data is one of the most important components of any organization and the role that it plays in the success of a company is critical. There has been much written over the years in regards to the monetary impact of poor CRM data quality on business processes but there is much that can also be compromised when it comes to relationships with customers and partners.
An organization that leverages Dynamics CRM is only going to be able to get leverage the potential of the platform if the data in the system is providing value. That may seem like an obvious distinction but there are many organizations that see data cleansing and deduplication as something they should do but rarely see it as a priority until it hits crisis territory.

Organizations leveraging Dynamics CRM need their end users to interact with customer records effectively to deal with qualifying leads, managing accounts effectively, any financial transactions that may take place, and service history for starters. If their CRM is pulling data from low quality data sources or ones that are outdated, end users most likely will not have accurate information to answer customer’s questions or issues which can lead to mistrust.
Duplicated and dirty data also affects relationships with customers who have subscribed to certain publications, newsletters, or other ongoing content streams that a marketing department would oversee. If a customer or partner for example opts out of a newsletter, the opt-out would reflect correctly on their record. However, if heavily duplicated data is in CRM, odds are they would still be getting the content that they opted out of which since their desire to opt out would not be reflected on the duplicate which could lead to regulatory issues for the organization or could lead to being blacklisted by a marketing automation partner. Not to mention the fact that they would be annoying the customer or partner.

Prioritizing data quality and deduplication early on in any Dynamics CRM deployment is important before it becomes a systemic problem and compromises business relationships. Regardless of the industry, making sure that the data that is being leveraged in CRM is not duplicated will make sure that relationships with customers and partners aren’t unnecessarily being compromised do to business process errors.

For more information about how AutoMerge can help tackle duplicate data challenges in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 instance check out the AutoMerge’s features page and feel free to request a free data quality report to show how many duplicates are in your system.

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