Introducing AutoMerge Express

For our first release of 2017, Genbil is adding another piece of functionality to AutoMerge which is called AutoMerge Express. This exciting new piece of functionality works as a short cut to the out of the box merge wizard within Dynamics CRM to merge a duplicate record set of 2 records quickly and easily.

When using AutoMerge, the solution leverages Azure to tag records in Dynamics CRM so that the duplicates can be seen in sets using views in the AutoMerge managed solution. This allows for admins and end users to easily validate that the duplicates fit their business rules and decide to either switch which record wins the merge on the fly, ignore certain records for future duplicate detection analysis, or merge them in bulk.

However, our buttons only work with tagged records. So, that begs the questions, what if an admin or end user eyeballs a duplicate set of two and wants to quickly merge them without needing to go through the tediousness of the merge wizard? That is now possible with the release of AutoMerge Express.
Using AutoMerge Express is very straightforward. Once the managed solution is imported into a Dynamics CRM environment, an admin or end user can select two records in any view and the AutoMerge Express button will appear.

At this point it’s very easy, just click the AutoMerge Express button and the records will merge.

In the screenshot below, I have searched for “John Smith” in the list search after merging the records using AutoMerge express. As you can see there is now one record, simple as that!

This is a great piece of functionality to leverage if you are in CRM and eyeball a pair of duplicates that are a nearly an identical match and want to merge them without wanting to go through the tediousness of the merge wizard.

For more information about AutoMerge head on over to the features section and request a free data quality report to see how many duplicates are in your CRM environment

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